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Hey guys - My name is Charlie and I started SHM to inspire and help other entrepreneurs in building their own businesses. I want this to be your resource for building a successful side hustle and turning it into a 6-7 figure business, just like I have done. 
I am a passionate about entrepreneurship and helping you build your own empire. Feel free to browse and learn!

400,000+ Subscribers

Since April 2020, Charlie has built one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the finance/enterpreneur niche. His love for this platform fuels 2-3 videos per week!

350,000+ Followers

Charlie loves posting value-driven and inspirational content on TikTok, and has one of the most popular entrepreneur accounts on the platform.  

50,000+ Followers

Charlie's growing Instagram account showcases a behind-the-scenes look at his life, as well as weekly posts about real estate, personal finance, and entrepreneurship.

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Our most recent how-to articles that help you start any side hustle.


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