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The Side Hustle School

Why side hustles? Because side hustles give you the power to explore new opportunities, make great money, and find what you excel in.

I think the education system is fundamentally flawed - we learn a lot of great things, but those things don’t necessarily translate into become financially successful. Every course on SHM should be seen as a real world curriculum that actually teaches you how to create a successful business.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Learn the basics of creating an affiliate marketing business with this course.

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Newsletter Mastery

Everything you need to know to start a successful newsletter business.

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I'm Charlie Chang

Hey guys - My name is Charlie and I started SHM to inspire and help other entrepreneurs in building their own businesses. I want this to be your free resource for building a successful side hustle and turning it into a 6-7 figure business.

All of our courses are 100% free and are supported only by affiliate links. Each course takes about 100 hours to make so we really hope you get some value and take massive action once you're inside :)

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Since 2020, I've built one of the biggest channels in the business/finance/entrepreneur niche. My goal is to inspire people to work for themselves!

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I post value-driven and inspirational content on TikTok on entrepreneurship, business, and finance. Check out our interview videos!

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My Instagram showcases a behind-the-scenes look at my life, my businesses, and income breakdowns. I regularly post advice here.

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