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How to Pass the Real Estate License Exam in 2021

Aug 23, 2021


Nervous about taking the real estate license exam? Don’t be. In this blog are steps you need to act on to pass the real estate license exam in 2021.

If you’re reading this I assume you have already finished or are currently taking your RE license course. In this blog, I’ll tell you EXACTLY how to get your RE license the fastest and cheapest way.

Passing the Real Estate License Exam is the first step to a huge earning potential. So getting a good grasp of the topics and being smart about your review habits will guarantee your success in passing the exam. 

Before we get on the real, actionable tips I have for you, here are some helpful things you need about the Real Estate License Exam in 2021.

How Hard is it to Pass The Real Estate Exam?

To be honest, the real estate exam is not easy. From 2019 to 2020, 41,249 examiners have taken the exam but only 17,396 have passed it and became a licensed real estate salesperson. According to that, we are at only a 42% passing rate.

But don’t get anxious! There are smart ways you can do to pass the real estate exam even on the first try.

In this article, I'm going over the steps you need to take to pass your RE exam. If you follow these steps, I guarantee you can pass the exam on the first try.

How to Pass The Real Estate Exam First Time

A word of advice, as an RE broker who has passed both my salesperson and broker exams on the first try, these are the things that will help you the most in preparing for and acing the state exam.

To pass the RE exam, a lot of people think they need to read every single word on the real estate course, take notes, and be the best student possible. 

This certainly helps, but you don't need to read every chapter or word and take notes. 

There is tons of info there that is extra and not seen on the exam so you don’t need to blindly absorb everything. Plus, most of it will not even show up in the field when you become an RE agent.

So if you find yourself being burned out by the course, take it easy and know that you can skim stuff and still do very well on the state exam. 

The last thing we want is for you to burn out with the course, or find it's so long and tedious that you never finish. 

Just finish the course, and the fun part comes when you’re studying for the state exam. This is where how you study and what you study makes a huge difference. 

Let’s get into the most effective ways to study.


Effective Ways on How to Study for the Real Estate Exam

1. Take a Bird’s Eye View of the Entire Course by Looking Through the Chapter Summaries

The first thing you want to do is to get yourself familiar with the topics from a bird’s eye view. Read the chapter summaries of the entire course. This should take around 5 -10 hours.

If you’re doing an online course - like through Real Estate Express, there are chapter summaries. If you did another online course or in-person course, they should have some type of summary pages too.

Read each summary, taking note of key vocabulary or key terms such as words like "Riparian Rights" and "Eminent Domain".

This is a great strategy to follow at the start of the review program. Whenever you want a memory refresher after finishing the course, you can look through these notes over again.

Not only does it help in making the info stick, but also organizes the brain to remember things in chronological order maximizing knowledge retention. 

The next phase of exam preparation will be way more effective once you read the summaries of all the content.

2. Sign up for a practice question bank - AKA ‘1000+ questions’ that emulate the questions on the exam. 

The second tip is to find some type of exam prep. The few weeks leading up to your exam date are very important as you want to immerse yourself in every type of practice question possible. This is what I did - to be honest, I sorta skimmed through the courses. But... I went hard on studying the practice exam questions.

I guarantee if you do memorize 1000+ questions and answers, and understand WHY that is the answer, you will pass the test first try.

The reason why you NEED to do practice questions is that they ask for specific details in a certain way. It's not gonna be like "define riparian rights", they'll find a different way to ask and the way they ask is researchable and practice-able.

There is only a certain number of things the real estate board cares about, and they tend to recycle these points over and over again.

When you look at simulation questions and memorize their answers, you will see every way they ask things. And there are only finite ways they ask things. I guarantee the same vocabulary, topics, and concepts will show up on your real exam. 

3. Choose a course package with a great prep program

The one I recommend is Real Estate Express, which is by far one of the cheapest and most effective ones. It's not the only option, but I believe it gives you the greatest probability of passing on the first try. They have accurate questions that are very similar to the actual state exam and they also have this cool money-back guarantee. You guys can get their exam prep directly here:

They're quite confident you'll pass if you do the work and get through all the practice exams. They also have custom exams based on topics you're struggling with and flashcards for key terms and topics. It’s the best way to study by far. Click the link above and go to Exam Prep - they have affordable test banks for each state that will help you pass the first try.

4. Go through all the questions 1 to 2 times - make sure you thoroughly understand them!

Go through the test bank questions 1-2 times, and make sure you understand and know them. You can review by different techniques like flashcards, summary sheets, and/or group studies. 

If you find it difficult to retain some information or concepts, the best way is to memorize something is to explain the concept to someone else. If you can explain a concept, start making mistakes and learn how to rectify those mistakes, it enables your brain to retain the concept for a longer time.

Plus, reading and reviewing the summaries I’ve talked about in the first one will also let you understand why a particular answer is correct, which leads to better retention.

5. Don’t Cram. Space Out Your Review Periods. 

Each day, you should review questions and content. Don't cram 12 hours into one day! That’s way worse than doing 3 separate 4 hours study sessions.

Why? There is actually better memory retention when you don't cram. This is quite true for everything.

6. Schedule Smartly

Too many people don't take enough practice questions, and they space their preparation too far apart. The key is the moment you finish RE course and mail out your application to take the exam. Depending on the state can take up to a month to process. in CA it's 1 month. Then, take that month and study consistently. During this period, study only a couple of hours a day and don’t cram. 4 hours a day is recommended a week before the exam.

7. Stay Healthy

Get a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated, eat good food, and boost your confidence.

Wrapping Up

The Real Estate Exam is not really a bad test - as long as you study effectively and study smart, you'll do great.

Hope you found this blog helpful! In it, I discussed 7 effective ways on how to prepare for the real estate exam to ace it. Getting your RE license is a huge step to building a new source of income or starting a new career path. 

BTW, if in CA hit me up, I have some summaries I can send you. And I also have a brokerage you can join!

Get the best study exam questions here:


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