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Top Brand Ambassador Programs for College Students 2021

side hustles Apr 21, 2021

Ambassador programs will offer students studying at universities the chance to not only make a little extra money but also give themselves professional recognition by teaming up with well-established brands.

University students can serve as an effective use of branding and sale conversion for any business, small or large. This can range from basic social media marketing, event organizing, word of mouth marketing, or simply becoming a walking advertisement. Hiring a campus brand ambassador will be a cost-effective way for an organization to achieve access to the university crowd, which is not just geographically diverse but also diverse in terms of demographics.

Here are a list of the Best College Brand Ambassador Programs in 2021!

  1. Apple

Apple employs brand ambassadors as part of its marketing campaign, which includes product demonstrations and product education. Since Apple depends on repeated purchases, having competent leaders in their college demographic is critical to delivering the level of service that each Apple customer deserves.

Apply Here:

  1. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has a common student discount that helps students get a discounted membership. Amazon uses campus ambassadors as a recruitment method to maximize student participation in their service. They station their ambassadors at campus gatherings to sell Amazon merchandise and demonstrate the benefits of the Prime service by presentation exercises.

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  1. Red Bull

Red Bull has one of the most well-known brand ambassador schemes, passing out free drinks to students all over college campuses. Red Bull relies heavily on guerrilla marketing to meet its target audience, as it caters to a millennial population that is difficult to reach by conventional marketing.

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  1. Coca-Cola

Since Coca-Cola has such a diverse product line, the aim of the ambassador program is to obtain access to customers at a young age. The ambassadors will receive the support they need to set up activities on campus as well as be involved on social media to market the brand over a three-day training period.

Apply Here:

  1. Blue Planet Eco-Eyewear

Blue Company Eco-Eyewear is searching for individuals who recognize the value of leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle but still supporting those who are less fortunate. Ambassadors will be the face of the business, boldly representing our brand, lifestyle, and values.

Apply Here:

  1. Southern Tide

Southern Tide also collaborates with college students and experts to get the message out about their brand that includes clothing, accessories, and partners with other influential brands on lifestyle gear.

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  1. CP CustomPrints

CP CustomPrints is all about the college experience. They help create custom clothing pieces that look great for daily or special occasions. They also have printing services for businesses and labels. CP CustomPrints provides college students with opportunities to obtain valuable job experience and earn money whilst meeting new people and assisting friends and family.

Apply Here:

  1. PINK

The PINK Campus Rep scheme, continues to provide Victoria Secret insights into what young people desire in a brand while also assisting young women in college with building their resumes and expertise in preparation for full-time employment after graduation.

Apply Here:

  1. Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida provides personalised coupon codes to their ambassadors or representatives which are included in their social media content. As a result, the brand will monitor revenue and pay the ambassador a certain percentage of those sales.

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  1. Lululemon

Lululemon established an ambassador network with local yoga teachers, which turned into a long-term collaboration. Yoga ambassadors, elite ambassadors, and shop ambassadors are the three types of ambassadors available.

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  1. Xbox

Microsoft has developed a highly coveted game ambassador service for Xbox power users. The program's goal is to honor die-hard supporters while still cultivating a welcoming atmosphere. Seasonal, annual, and regular missions or competitions keep members engaged, unlocking unique prizes, with a variety of ways to connect with one another.

Apply Here:

These jobs are not only flexible for a full-time class schedule, but they also provide opportunities for professional networking in a diverse workplace.

These services have locations in several different sized campuses all over the world most especially in the US, helping students to hone required skills outside of the classroom, including globally known names such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Apple, and more.

Happy brand ambassador applying!


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