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7 Money Habits That Keep You Poor

Jan 02, 2021

Imagine if you didn't need to make millions a year to become wealthy. There is a stigma attached to the low and middle class because they do not "make enough" to become wealthy. That stigma is not valid.

Sometimes it's the ones who do not make enough who become wealthy due to common sense money habits. On the other hand, the most influential person making millions a year can be broke or almost bankrupt due to poor money habits.

In this video, we will go over seven lousy money habits that keep people poor. Bad money habits not only applies to the ones making minimum wage but also the individuals making millions a year. People scratch their heads at months end when they look at their bank account, asking themselves, "where the heck did my money go?"

Imagine life with a positive balance in your bank account. Stress and worry would be reduced significantly. You could save or invest the free cash flow left over.

With that being said, let's get into the seven money habits that will keep...

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