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How to Make $10,000/Month on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Your Face

Aug 23, 2020

Being a YouTuber does not always mean you have to be the face of your YouTube Channel. There are plenty of channels that are very successful on YouTube despite not having a face to their brand. Jon Corres is a YouTuber who has only recently started showing his face on his own personal YouTube channel but prior to that, he has been running faceless YouTube channels for over a year now and has plenty of success with it. Currently, Jon makes over $10,000 a month with his YouTube channels and best of all, he does not show his face or even create the videos himself. I got the chance to interview Jon when he reached out to me on Instagram and had a really under the radar approach to doing YouTube. Read about our interview below:

Question: Tell me a little about yourself!

Answer: Hey everyone, so I’m 26 years old. I currently live in Nevada where it’s extremely hot right now but during the winter it’s really nice. I’m actually a physical therapist- I...

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