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Top Brand Ambassador Programs for College Students 2021

Apr 21, 2021

Ambassador programs will offer students studying at universities the chance to not only make a little extra money but also give themselves professional recognition by teaming up with well-established brands.

University students can serve as an effective use of branding and sale conversion for any business, small or large. This can range from basic social media marketing, event organizing, word of mouth marketing, or simply becoming a walking advertisement. Hiring a campus brand ambassador will be a cost-effective way for an organization to achieve access to the university crowd, which is not just geographically diverse but also diverse in terms of demographics.

Here are a list of the Best College Brand Ambassador Programs in 2021!

  1. Apple

Apple employs brand ambassadors as part of its marketing campaign, which includes product demonstrations and product education. Since Apple depends on repeated purchases, having competent leaders in their college...

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10 Unique Side Hustles to Make Money Online (2020)

Dec 10, 2020

It is becoming increasingly popular to stay at home and earn an extra income. Side hustles are completely changing how people are earning an extra income, and 49% of Americans under 35 have a side hustle. Nowadays, everyone is looking for the next profitable side hustle. The best way to identify a new side hustle idea is to find a problem and create a solution. So guess what! Today, I’ll be talking about a few ways that you can make money from side hustles. 

  1. YouTube Thumbnail Creator

There are 2 billion users worldwide in the YouTube community. It is one of the largest social networks that has a large amount of active monthly users. The first image to grasp any viewers' attention is the YouTube thumbnail and title. People say not to judge a book by its cover, but YouTube thumbnails engage potential viewers by showing what videos will entail. With COVID-19, there has been an influx of new YouTubers, and as a result, there are more opportunities to be hired as thumbnail...

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